MA Education at last!

This blog has taken a back seat and it shouldn’t have really. Even though it was started as part of my PGCE study and I guess was meant to fizzle out after that I have kept it going with updates now and then and it still attracts a good few views. I’ve decided to officially revive this blog now though and use it to share and reflect on my current educational education. It seems a better place to do that than my personal blog.

So what’s happened since last year when I updated? In a nutshell …

My businesses have begun to thrive. I have a handmade outlet which keeps me sane – nothing like creativity to absorb stress and I delivery training and consultancy on a variety of business (particularly small business) areas on a recommendation basis only which keeps things manageable and personal which I prefer. I’ve also branched into the world of demonstrations on online tutorial which is quite an interesting adventure where I’m learning a lot of new skills.

I finally got around to signing up for that MA in Education which I’m part way through now. When I thought the time was right for it I signed up and then at the beginning of semester one devastating things stuck my little family and we had some major adjustments to make and a new way of living to get used to and it kind of took it’s toll big time. In semester two now everything is under control I have some catch up to do but I’m confident that I’ll get there with the support of the uni and my family and friends.

I’ll talk about how I got onto the course, the requirements and details of the course as well as fees in due course but for this semester I have one module to study and I chose Digital Technologies in Education which already is proving to be really interesting and we have a great small group of students with lots of diversity to add richness to discussions, so it’s pretty much the perfect set up. I’ll talk more about the assessment for this module in due course too but let’s just say it’s very different to anything I’ve done before and is very much in keeping with the subject material.

So if any of this might interest you as a mature student, a prospective MA student or somebody who specifically wants to study further in the education discipline check back and have a read of anything relevant to you over the next few months.

As always happy to answer any questions.