About this blog

I have now qualified and am the proud owner of a PGCE and awaiting my IfL registration and am continuing my blog to chart the next part of the trek into teaching. My original reasons for starting the blog remain detailed below for posterity:

As a requirement of the PGCE course I’m studying as a mature student I had to keep a blog to share resources and experiences with my fellow students and anyone else from the blogging community who might be interested in reading what I have to say and taking a look at the things I’ve found and want to share.

As well as this I’ll be sharing resources I’ve developed and used in my teaching which someone might find useful.

I have extensive experience within industry in the public, private and voluntary sectors mainly in senior level administration, project management and strategic planning to name a few areas. I’ve a BA (Hons) in Business Management and teach BTEC Level 3 Business in years 1 & 2 as part of my placement. There is more boring stuff about me as a person on the About This Blogger page if you really need to have a look.

No names or identifying information will be used in this blog and it will never be the intention of the author to cause offence.If contentious issues are raised feel free to challenge and comment and make use of the facility to discuss key points and to put your argument forward. This is a blog, it’s meant to be interactive and honest. A blog is a form of social media where people can share opinions, thoughts and ideas. It would be appreciated if posts were not shared out of context, this can cause unnecessary upset. This blog is actively followed by over a hundred people and has been viewed thousands of times the world over and has been useful and helpful to many people and it has evoked debate with other professionals which is welcomed and appreciated. If anyone is offended by the content and is not empowered to engage in a discussion please consider not reading it and choosing something more suited to your tastes. I blog a lot at times so if this will in someway upset you I would advise against following.

Please feel free to comment, follow and share my blog if you wish, it would be much appreciated.


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