About This Blogger

Thought I’d do this just in case anyone is interested or if anyone fancies offering me a job or if anyone wants any advice on anything they may fancy doing themselves.

I’m a midlife career changer 46 last time I checked – I have been known to get that wrong.

I’m the 6th of 7 children.

I’m the mother of two children a 21 year old daughter and a 14 year old son – motherhood is something I value having had the opportunity to experience above all of my other life experiences. My daughter recently flew the nest to take up a graduate management position with a wonderful company in one of the UK’s capital cities. I remain to guide my son through the next few precarious years of his life while preparing myself for the empty nest to ensure I have plenty to occupy my time when he leaves in around 4 years.

I was born and raised ‘up North’ well kind of, somewhere near the upper middle of England on the East Coast, seaside, rock, donkeys and cockles played a big part in the early years.

I fled the small town environment and mentality in my late teens and lived in London for many years before returning to my home town. I didn’t find streets paved with gold but I found that the streets were a different hue to the ones I’d left behind. Cosmopolitan city life is so splendid in it’s diversity and vibrancy, it was like someone had switched me from black and white to technicolour in the time it took to journey 220 miles.

I was privileged whilst there in lots of ways, to meet my husband and the father of my children, to meet people and develop lasting meaningful relationships with people from around the world (I used to say I felt like I’d traveled the world without having to move). My husband is of Nigerian origins, unlike me from wealthy land and business owner stock, educated to standards and in institutions I could only dream of. I learned a lot from him, mainly about how possessions and money are not the most important things in the world.

I have traveled extensively across Africa and back again, some hair raising moments and some humbling moments, some marveling at the sheer beauty of nature and some of the best parties ever. I’ve also toured the USA, Europe, taken in some of the middle east including Israel, one of the most life changing experiences of my life. I love expanding my horizons, rarely holiday in typical tourist resorts and never buy into package holidays or all inclusives, I like to meet the natives and support their economy not the economy of western owned tour operators if I can help it.

I’ve lived the low and high lives, I’ve been blessed, if it all ended now it was a good one 🙂 but I’m hoping for a while longer or else this change of career was a waste of time.

Career wise, I spent much of it in senior administration positions, have been the PA to a number of CEO’s, moved into project and event management and then into strategic planning and coordination but everything in between. Have managed people but consider myself better at managing things and motivating people.

I care to a fault, interpret that as you will.

I’m  hugely principled, interpret that as you will too.

As for the boring stuff, what I can do and have been paid to do: I’ve a BA (Hons) Business Management 2.1 and also studied for a BA (Hons) Social and Behavioural Studies but unfortunately the course was withdrawn and at the time I was unable to chase it to its new home so settled at Diploma stage. I’m PRINCE 2 trained in project management and also a trained Dementia Care Mapper. I have level 3 qualifications in English, French and German as well as Clait Plus IT qualification and an OCR Level 3 Diploma in Word processing, text processing, audio word processing and document design. I’m experienced in the use of  many bespoke databases including SystemOne and Maracis and also have designed a number of large interactive databases using Access. I’ve also tested experience through my degree in the use of SAGE accountancy software as well as experience of practical application. In my spare time I have been involved as a business consultant and manager for a number of new enterprises and have also worked as a freelance employment consultant, specialising in application and pre-interview preparation. I’m a trained First Aider (about to be refreshed) and have led in a number of local, regional and national workforce development projects. I have experience of public speaking and have been invited as a key note speaker to work force development conferences.  

Voluntary Work, the stuff I didn’t get paid money for but was more than compensated for in terms of learning, development and humility: I’ve been involved in a number of community projects and served as founder and Chair of a successful and active local women’s group for 3 years in London as well as secretary of the local playgroups association, I was also a founding member of the Students Union at my local university and served as chair of that group through it’s inception securing funds for a paid officer to lead the project forward. I am a member of my local Mental Health Service Users Forum as a professional participant and also of the local Accord patient involvement group with special interests in health and social care provision to young people and the elderly within our community. I was the QAA representative for my university for academic year 2011/12.

Why teaching? In spite of a healthy lifestyle and many gym hours I had a life threatening illness 4 years ago which by some miracle I recovered from although it was a long road to tread and it left me looking and feeling like a different person, not necessarily for the better, but I’m on a mission to re-find myself and that experience left me wanting to change things I didn’t like which was first and foremost my sense of having done so much but never having done what I really wanted to do… TEACH!! So here I am, at last doing it, happy and loved. What more could I possibly ask for? Besides a job 🙂


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