New Year New Things!

I’ve began 2015 with finally enrolling to do that AAT level 3 which I’ll swiftly follow up with level 4. It will be useful to me in teaching in the future but it will be useful to me in my business now. In my Business Degree and through various work roles I’ve picked up lots of accountancy ‘stuff’ but the AAT just consolidates and professionalises that and I wish I’d just done it alongside my degree but didn’t think of that at the time.

Anyway because of my degree and prior knowledge I was able to start at level 3 which was great and what was even better, I got funding for it so I only had to pay part of the course fee. I opted against doing it at my local college and went to a private provider, it’s quicker and I think my move away from the place I’d spent 4 tough years was a good one. So that is going well.

I’ve had an opportunity to offer training to groups of business people in a whole range of areas from business administration through to logistics, from social media in business to production management, from recruitment and selection to contract law.

It fits perfectly with what I wanted to do and it is all flexibly arranged to suit me and my time and commitment. This is fantastic as it means my new business launch at the end of this month can go ahead as planned and I will not only be doing something I love and which I find very relaxing and therapeutic for my living I also get to teach, my other passion in life.

It is worth noting that as a PGCE holder especially if yours is in LLS that there are many options for teaching out there in formal or less formal settings, as an employed person or freelance/self employed. Fees for course delivery can be very significant particularly if delegates pay per delegate for sessions or companies pay per half, full day or multi day sessions.  The more bespoke your training becomes the more you can adjust your fees.

It is worth remembering that although you might do your training in a formal school, college or HE environment, those are not the only places your PGCE will be recognised or useful to you. My PGCE prepared me better to deliver a higher standard of private training as a self employed trainer and I feel that reflects in the quality of the content and delivery of my sessions.

Keep your options open and be aware of all of those options. Training is a big thing in industry and quality trainers with experience in business or a variety of  businesses with a sound academic knowledge to back that practical experience up is very valuable.

Happy New Year PGCE students and brace yourself for a busy few months as you ride to the end of this fast paced and demanding year. Keep on top of the work, keep focused and keep your mind open to opportunities for teaching, don’t become tunnel visioned and think that the area you train in is the area you have to or will ultimately teach in.


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