Happy Birthday

This blog has been ‘alive’ for a  year now. So much has happened in that year it is pretty incredible.

I keep noticing spikes in viewers and wonder if this year’s cohorts are not finding it out and if they are well then I hope they are finding it useful.

After all of that I didn’t stay in teaching very long. I wasn’t really teaching in the sector I wanted to teach nor the subject I wanted to teach and so as we were unable to relocate right now I was happily treading water and signed up for MEd. But then someone planted a seed in my mind and now I’m heading down a different road, where I’m the boss and that is a good place to be.

It’s caused all kinds of chaos but I’ve had some really good advice and support through my switches and changes and at the moment it’s good to have that bit more time to spend honing up skills as I do my share to help in a family crisis. Things all just worked out right in the end and once we’re through this period of uncertainty with family health issues we shall be good to pick up and run with the fledgling projects which are currently underway.

The best thing is I get to do some training and that’s always good, so teaching and all I learned about it has not been fully abandoned and it is something I hope to step back into in the future when the time is right for me… or rather when the place is right for me.

People keep telling me that it’s a shame I’m not a teacher because I was good at it and I reminisce and nod but then I reflect on the many opportunities we have to be teachers in our lives and know that I am, was and will ever be a teacher in one form or another and all that I learned and continue to learn will stay with me and is being put to use and will always be put to use. Nothing I do is ever wasted, if I thought it was going to be I would never do it.

All the best of wishes to those of you coming to the close of semester one of your study. Next semester will be a tough test as your teaching steps up and all of that theory begins to come in thick and fast. Top tips – plan your observations well, keep up to date with your paperwork and mentor meetings, keep your blog up to date unlike many on my course who just slapped a couple of entries in at the beginning of June and take every opportunity to learn as much as you can now especially about the curriculum and about other qualifications which you might teach at the same level. For instance if you are teaching BTEC level 2 or 3, at FE or in a school, do a bit of research into GCSE, AS and A level too and look at some NVQ’s if they are relevant in your subjects and also look at apprenticeships and what is taught in them. You might find as I did that you become familiar with one type of qualification, the type your placement offers and then when you get to looking for jobs you find you have no knowledge or experience of any of the others in the wide range of options available at levels 1, 2 and 3. Having some knowledge and insight if not experience can make the difference when you are looking for work. Also keep on top of changes to age of participation and to the GCSE as we know it to prepare yourself for interviews.