So it’s not long off a year since I started this blog and in that time it has attracted hundreds of followers from Twitter as well as those who follow directly and I’ve not really courted followers like I do on my monetised blogs so this is really good. Over 3,800 viewers, 378 followers and 165 posts and tons of comments private and published which have led me to some exciting places, fascinating people and wonderful experiences.

I’m going to celebrate by trying to write my requested warts and all reflection of my whole PGCE experience both placement and taught course. I’m a bit busy these days but I’m going to try to cobble it together bit by bit and I think it’s time I told my story. It didn’t start off too good placement wise but improved beyond my dreams and I loved the experience. My academic journey was kind of the reverse I loved it at first and came to wish it over at the end but now am still enjoying carrying it on with reading and blogging, developing and learning as a teacher never ends and it’s a privilege to have been set off on a good track.

The PGCE teaches you what you have to carry on doing, it’s not the end, it’s the beginning. There was an academic glitch when I was so unhappy on placement that I lost the will to live with the whole thing but thankfully I picked myself up and dusted myself off and made this journey about me not about those who whisper in ears to detract from the goal. Being a teacher is about continuously learning, reflecting, developing, reading, being aware of the changing landscape and not just about what happens in the classroom. If you’ve got the knack in the classroom you can teach anything at any time to anybody I firmly believe that but it takes some dedication to keep on growing as a professional, to keep on top of technology, cultural, societal, economic and political shifts in the education sector.

So my insight to my experience will be coming just as soon as I get time to write it but until then know that no matter how bad it gets there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s up to you to make your placement and your whole course what you want it to be. You get one shot at this don’t let anyone put you off, you wanted to be a teacher when you started don’t stop until you are one. If you’re lucky you get a smooth ride, if you’re luckier you get to ride the roller coaster and learn more about yourself and the profession than you ever imagined.


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