Teach kids how to educate themselves

I’m a real protagonist of not only teaching students (especially young ones) the subject you are supposed to teach them but to take some responsibility for also teaching them how to learn, how to develop their knowledge, their consciousness of the world and of their place in it.

I read  this article during a lunch break today and although it’s a lengthy(ish) read it is worth it. It has some spiritual reference which might have the non-believers among us rolling eyes and tutting. I hope not because it is appropriate and helps the whole ethos of the piece to make a lot of sense. Of course the problem is, people who need to read this probably won’t and that’s the frustration with this whole issue of education versus knowledge versus willful ignorance versus intellect. We often mix them up and they are not to be mixed up as this article also makes pretty clear.

I think one of the only ways we can encourage those who need to read this kind of thing to read it is to teach them to want to… and so we’re back to the start of this post. I really believe we can thread in promotion of a will to educate oneself and expand one’s own knowledge to anything we teach, it’s a philosophy which can be subtly embedded. Another take on the hidden curriculum if you like, using that concept for good and to expand minds rather than using it as the state arguably does, to shrink and restrict them.

Besides teaching or encouraging others to do the same, surely it is part of self-development to expand our own knowledge and not get set in our ways. A teacher who refuses to learn is something of an anomaly at worst, irony at best.


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