Teaching Resource – Brand Value

When I was teaching a year one business class last year about brand value one of the students asked how brands are valued, who decides what they are worth and we had a lively discussion about it and did a bit of research. It would have been useful to have had this Economist article in my file of references and resources to pull out. You may have to sign up to the website but if you’re a business teacher I’d imagine you already are signed up and if not I’d recommend you do so and follow on Twitter, Facebook and from your blog site too for up to the minute news, articles, resources and information which can help in teaching a range of business disciplines.

The chart alone, which is reproduced here from the article, is a good easy reference tool to illustrate the differentials when it 1908397_10152669259339060_8587787567549023418_ncomes to putting a price on a brand. I wouldn’t just leave it there though, I hate to leave questions unanswered because when they come it shows that students are engaged and interested, that they are thinking about what they are learning  and  hungry for more information, which is any teacher’s dream. I’d support it with a read of the article and a discussion and maybe like I did without this article, encourage some research. 

For any new teachers out there who are heading into the classroom for the first time this month either as a teacher or a trainee teacher sometimes it’s OK to deviate from the lesson plan if it means that you are engaging and stretching the students. As long as you are not deviating from the topic completely it’s OK to do this ‘seize the moment’ teaching and this is one of the beauties of having technology at our finger tips in classrooms, both teachers and students can instantly and quickly search for information to develop and inform a discussion.

You don’t have to give over the rest of the lesson to a discussion but a few minutes can be time well spent. If the students are taking a lead in their study of the subject, manage it and let it happen don’t rush away from it because the plan is going to go five minutes out of sync, you will have the opportunity to catch that up at some point or you can select an area from your plan for extension work. This is the confident, mature and flexible approach to teaching I received really good feedback for in my obseravtions. I guess it’s a very humanistic approach and that fits with my ideology but then I guess I’m advocating a fusion of behaviourist and humanist by planning for those moments when they arise. Having a little folder of relevant resources is much more effective as a teaching tool than saying “I read in an article the other day…” it’s much better to go to a paper file or electronic file and say “take a look at this and tell me what you make of it”.


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