ICT Resources – Triptico

Because my 14 year old is always complaining that they don’t use anything in school other than the office suite of software (how boring!) it inspires me to seek out and test out engaging software, so much is written of the importance of this and yet in my experience we’re still failing to actually stretch the boundaries and use all that fab stuff that there is out there in innovative ways (at all levels of education if what I’m reading all of the time is to be believed). I’ve taken it upon myself to example and demonstrate and encourage the use of a range of educational software with my own kids so they are not missing out and I’m a huge fan of using more ICT/ILT whatever in the classroom.

So if you’ve not used it or heard of it this is fab… Triptico.

The website is here to sign up free for personal users:Triptico Download Page

And here’s a short video showing a snippet of what it does: 

I practice these things with my in house focus group of 14 year old son and friends and via a network of former students (daughter and her friends) to see what they think and this one got a huge thumbs up from everyone. These kids are so innovative and imaginative, they positively ooze ideas for application and they show such enthusiasm. It saddens me how much they are being let down in a way by teachers/SMTs reluctant to embrace technology and modern ways of interacting and communicating, but hey ho, can’t change the world and all that. If you have access to a focus group through your own kids, brothers or sisters, former students whatever I’d suggest making use of them. Mine has helped me to refine lessons, avoid clangers and ensure relevancy so often and as I said, kids love to influence their own education… if only we let them do it more often.

Give it a shot, it’s a good one 😀


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