MBus Qual

So I wasn’t sure what this was but investigated and turns out it’s like an extended BA in Business which is (unless I’m mistaken) almost a combined BA and Masters with the Masters bit focusing on sustainability and HRM.

The FE college where I did my BA Business Management has started to run this course and it looks pretty good on a couple of counts:

  • It offers a local progression from BA to a masters level
  • It’s funded (if eligible) through student finance same as the BA degree so fees, loans, grants etc
  • It sounds really interesting and if you wanted to go into teaching would give you a qualification which might (depending on institution in question) allow you to teach at HE level

It either runs as a four year (first three years are the BA and final year the bit that gets you the MBus qual) or you can sign up in the final year if you have already undertaken the BA qual. I’m not sure if that has to have been at the same institution or not. It’s also possible to transfer onto year 5 from a foundation degree in Travel and Tourism.

This type of degree would be very appealing to anyone who wants to go on to masters level but knows they just don’t have the funds to do so and allows more academic students that deeper study into these specific areas.

It’s tempting and perhaps if I’d had this available to me (it wasn’t running last year and it is available to me this year as an alumni student) I might have done this first and then gone into teaching. There’s always next year as part of CPD maybe.

Point of this post… just goes to show you that it’s worth looking around, you never know what’s out there if you don’t have a look and you might think a masters level qualification is out of your grasp but it might be possible after all.



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