Dispatches Supermarket Wars Business Teaching Resource

If like me you are a business teacher/wannabe business teacher then you might have found last night’s Dispatches on Channel 4 quite interesting and have found some of the facts, expert view points and examples used quite useful for a range of lessons regardless of which level you teach at.

I typed up some notes and caught some names and titles and some of the facts and figures and put them into a PDF which might come in handy when teaching.

In the interests of sharing resources I’ve included it here, feel free to use if you can find a use for it. Just click on the link at the bottom.

If you didn’t catch the programme this is a summary of some of the key points and I’d recommend any business teacher catches it on demand, the full details of the programme are on the top of this PDF if you want to track it down.

Supermarket Wars Dispatches 28.07.14

I’d advise any PGCE/teacher trainee whatever subject they wish to teach to keep an eye out for programmes which might be of interest or use in lessons, young students like to watch a video or snippets of a programme, it helps to break up a didactic lesson and it appeals to them through a visual and/or auditory medium they are used to receiving a lot of their information from and of course appeals to different learning styles. If you think back to when I blogged about formal and informal accessing of information it ticks boxes for that and is very useful when teaching teens.

What I do is record programmes I think may be useful and then I can take notes and just pop them into my bank of resources, you never know when a good illustrative example, a discussion topic or a case study might come in handy.

You can then support it with some questioning using interactive polling software (Socrative or similar) and really make the lesson both contemporary and engaging.



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