It’s not just about teaching

Doing my usual trawl of the Sunday papers in the sunshine over breakfast I spotted this interesting little article which rings true with my own philosophy on teaching and reiterates that really genuinely wanting the students to do well and building good relationships with them help to make a more successful teacher. I found myself nodding at the description of them scrubbing up for end of year awards, I’m so glad I attended my placement’s end of year awards event, not least because it was the students who organised the event as one of my taught units but to just see them in their finery looking and acting like ‘the future’ was a special experience. I also found that my experience judging a national competition helped to build a rapport with participating students on another level.  If you’re heading into a placement as part of your training I’d recommend you take these opportunities to get to know students. Go on trips if you can and attend awards and events that they are participating in, you get to see a very different side of them and they see a very different side of you and you also enhance your training experience.

School Not Just About Teaching Guardian Article


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