Next Steps… MEd?

So after much thought and deliberation and consideration and the many twists and turns that have taken place lately I woke up at 2am this morning and it was all clear in my mind at last, the next step for me is MEd and after some searching and reading and downloading of many brochures and processing so much information my head was fit to burst I made the first steps towards applying.

I was surprised by a couple of things:

  • The cost – not as much as I thought it would be, especially if you shop around. Also (with most universities I looked at anyway) you can pay monthly throughout the course which makes it even less of a huge lump sum to fork out.
  • Taught lecture time – is minimal meaning working around study will be much easier to do
  • Credit transfer – having studied the Post Grad Cert Ed at level 7, 60 credits are carried over which essentialy gets you through the first section of the Masters and further reduces study time and cost
  • Variety of courses – I naively assumed there would be a generic MEd (which there is) but there are also a range of other MEd courses with a different focus, I think that the one for me would be Inclusive Education – something I have a passion for and something I think would be really useful in the field I eventually wish to teach in

So, if you’re thinking of it, don’t rule it out imagining you can’t afford it, believing the hype about £15,000 a year fees (I didn’t find one MEd in my search of local/accessible universities that was charging that kind of money) and do have a look at what there is available in terms of focus.



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