Teaching Resource – Marketing

Teaching Resource – Marketing

This is a fab article about how we become unwitting participants in psychological experiments. It would be a great discussion starter. I think it’s important to teach future marketeers as much as possible about how sophisticated marketing techniques have become, especially through the use of modern technologies. We tend to stick to the more traditional methods when we teach about data collection and think of the market research lady in the street and surveys we’re asked to complete but we really need to be moving into the here and now more and not underestimating how companies involve customers without them even realising it. This all shows just how highly competitive markets have become and the lengths corporations go to to hold on to market share and increase it.

Just click on the header link to open the article. You could use the comments to further feed into debate and here’s a follow up from today http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/sectors/technology-and-telecoms/news/pressure-mounts-on-facebook-following-emotion-experiment/4011007.article



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