Teaching Resource – Business

Sorting through all of my amassed materials so thought I’d share. This is a fascinating little video to show how the world has changed, the impacts of the industrial revolution, consumerism, energy consumption… has some fab statistics. My classes were glued to this video and I only used it to show the masses of trade routes. It led to fab unanticipated discussions about sustainability and the future… one of those seize the moment teaching and learning opportunities is definitely to be had from sharing this video in the right setting at the right time.

Sometimes I find with teaching FE students they get to a point where they’ve just had enough but it’s not time for a scheduled break. Carefully selecting and putting on a short business related video can help to shift the focus for a moment and then get back to the main intent of the lesson or at least get you to the break!

It’s good to have a bank of videos which will be shown as part of teaching but not necessarily in the lesson plan, just as something to shift focus. I found my students responded very favourably to me saying “I think you’ve had enough of the town and country planning act [insert anything you like here] let’s watch a video so you can give your brains a rest”. It always went down well and achieved what I wanted it to. It felt like a treat.


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