What next? The beginning.

So the placement’s nearly done, the course is almost passed (fingers crossed) so what is next apart from the dole queue 😛

I’ve had so much going on lately, so many choices and decisions. It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to move from this area for a long time but there’s always something that means it’s not the right time. This time I thought it was happening but then other things happened with my kids and it’s not so easy a choice again.

I’m going into supply teaching  from September while also studying for a masters. I’ve also got some work as a research assistant for some people I know who are studying for their PhD. I wasn’t really aware but evidently by assisting with research you become named in  published papers and that helps you to teach in HE if you want to and also to progress with your own academic study. It’s an interesting prospect and I have already lined up one research piece and have lined up another potential for September.

Then my tutor threw into the mix that I should gain some experience in teaching professional programmes so I’m looking into that now too and have an application in.

I need a break now though, that’s my immediate plan. I’ve worked hard and I’ve learned so much and I need some time to absorb it all and make my choices in an informed and relaxed manner.

Watch this space, I will blog now and then about the job search and future experiences, it doesn’t end here, this is the beginning.




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