All Done

Inspite of being ill at the beginning of this break and then nearly cutting my finger off and not being able to write or type too well and losing my phone I’ve had a rest and I’ve got everything complete and ready for submission.  This week has been a really upside down, tizz of a week, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I’m so glad I’m done with studying for the holidays now though, it was worth cramming it all in so that I can have a good break next week and stop thinking and dreaming about essays and lesson plans and presentations.

Some good news about work for September though, I have a couple of options open to me and it’s just nice to know that there is work out there.

If you’re thinking of doing this next year keep on top of your work so that you get to actually have a break in your breaks. For some it’s going to be your last chance in a long time to have nice long holidays from work where you don’t have to use the time to prepare for next semester.

Heading into the final push now and hopefully next week will refresh me and prepare me for that.



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