It’s good to talk…

Today was joint mentor/tutor catch up meeting and it was good to review the last few weeks. It was kind of crazy to think it had only been a month since the last one, things have totally changed and I even feel like a different person. Things have changed beyond recognition and it’s really good to have had an opportunity to reflect on all the positive things we’ve achieved in terms of the placement. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m gushing about my experiences and thoroughly enjoying it and that I’m thoroughly grateful for the opportunities I have.

It was also my specialist interview day and so it was great to get that in the bag, it was really nice to get the opportunity to sit and chat with my mentor on different topics than the usual things and to gain a new insight on some key issues facing business teachers in FE. I’ve started to write it all up already and I plundered the library for research books to make sure there’s a ton of theory in there too. There was lots of talk about professionalism and some really interesting thoughts on it so I might have to revisit the professionalism essay.

I also got feedback from my latest observation (and found out that I still have one to go, I thought I was done but we have to do 8 in total one of which can be joint, I thought it was 3 tutor, 3 mentor and one joint so I still have to book one more). The feedback was excellent lots of 1’s and a few 2’s, the main observations being that the couple of points for improvement identified last time were noticed to have been worked on and there had been definite upward movement in terms of grading on areas where I’d scored a 2 previously.

It’s been one of those full and productive days and a very positive uplifting one too. I’ve got a smile on my face for the weekend and that can’t be bad. Now to start charity cake baking with the daughter for a stall running at her workplace tomorrow. Think I might have earned myself a couple of bits of a brownie 😀






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