It’s Crazy Time

It’s that time of year students know too well when it all goes haywire as deadlines loom every closer and the weeks fly past faster and faster towards the day when you have to make a decision about what you are doing next.

It’s pretty odd heading into teaching as you can’t really start working at the job you really want to do until September which is a whole 5 months away. So you kind of find yourself facing a summer of what? Who knows?

I think mine will be spent relocating.

This is exciting as it opens up lots of prospects for teaching where there were few if I was staying where I am. I’ve been busily registering with agencies and sending out my credentials to prospective employers and it’s all quite promising so far. I won’t go into details, I don’t want to be counting my chickens before … you know.

I kept wondering if I’m too old to start again but decided you’re only too old to do what you want if you convince yourself that you are. What other people think does’t matter a stuff as long as you and the people who matter to you are happy then anything that’s within your reach is possible and anything that’s not within your reach just means you have to stretch a bit more to get it.

The only reservation I have is taking my son out of school at this crucial stage but he’s pretty confident in his abilities to get through the last year of school wherever he is and he’s ready for a change too.

So adventures await and I just want to get the most I can out of my placement and this course now to take on my journey with me. But first there is the matter of finishing off this professionalism essay and getting the seminar paper completed for tutorial next week.

Missing a PGCE study day was not the best but couldn’t be avoided as securing a job for September has to be as much of a priority now as everything else … it’s all manageable until it clashes. That’s one of the biggest PGCE lessons I’ve learned for anyone thinking of it or who is already signed up for next year.

Looking forward to tomorrow and teaching again, it feels like ages since I had a class but it’s only a few days. Just two weeks and it’s the Easter break, I’m looking forward to that, having a break with my kids and friends and doing some  nice stuff instead of studying and lesson planning for a couple of weeks. Teaching is hard work I’m ready for a break.




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