Accentuate the positive

We’re taught as teachers to praise the positive and address the negative, if only we did that in other areas of our lives too.

Often we are quick to highlight our own flaws and shortcomings and forget all of the good we do and the things we get right every single day.

Of course as if we’re not engineered by society to be self critical there are always others ready to point out any mistake that is made and ignore the good that we do, it’s just human nature. You could paint a hundred fab pictures and one bad one and some people will systematically go through your work to find the one bad one to pull out and show everyone and use it to represent you  neglecting all of the good ones you had created which more than out numbered the one bad one.

Thinking of professionalism (can tell I’m writing an essay at the same time as writing this) it’s important to not let that nasty human habit of picking out the bad and ignoring the good spill into the classroom. If our students were faced with nothing but negativity and criticism how would that affect them? They would become demotivated, withdrawn or perhaps confrontational and argumentative. Before you knew it there would be a conflict between teacher and student which may never be remedied to the detriment of both parties.

We have to always remember to accentuate the positive to empower students to rise above the negative that people they will meet will be only too happy to point out. I guess it’s a all a part of that pastoral care we talk about all of the time. Try to see the good in someone before you focus in on the bad, it helps us to be more fulfilled and positive too.

Here’s a bit of Aretha to keep the good vibe going.


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