It’s all over bar the shouting…

OK so it’s time to start thinking about this phase of life/study/experience coming to an end pretty soon. It’s nearly all done and even the bitty bits are coming together nicely. The observations are almost done, the teaching file is growing rapidly and the contents list is being ticked off at a frightening pace. Interview is booked for subject specialist, questions are ready, ILP is up to date, targets are more or less written up. Conference paper is more than an idea and a plan, it’s almost a paper and the research for it is complete.  The students are all talking about ‘next year’ and ‘the end’ and counting down the weeks to Leeds Fest and summer holidays.

It’s time to think of permanent jobs and bidding adieu in the very near future to my first students.

So I started to get my CV in order and realised I have never written a CV as a teacher before and wasn’t sure what angle to take. Fortunately a friend sent me a whole list of resources available on the net so I thought I’d share them  here with anyone in the same boat.

I’ve picked out the ones probably most suitable for LLS/PGCE ‘ers.

Lots of useful info from Pearson

Example of a teaching CV from Prospects

How To Get Shortlisted Advice from TES

Useful checklist from Target Jobs

Really concise advice from ETeach



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