Received my latest mentor observation official feedback today and I was overwhelmed by the comments and the grading. This was the first time I’d been observed with this class and only my second week of teaching them (3rd if we count stop the tracks week) so that made it even more poignant that I did so well.

I kind of take this as a feel for how I’d hit the ground running as a teacher, having only had a short time to get to know the class and forge those important relationships.

I loved seeing all of those little typed number 1’s, I’m not going to lie. It’s given me a super huge confidence boost and to see them standing there all by themselves not with a /2 beside them was even better. I’m feeling accomplished and will have a smiley,treat filled weekend as a result.

Outstanding… it’s doesn’t get better. Now the job is to keep it up.


2 thoughts on “1’s

    • Thank you. It wasn’t quite a clean sweep but close. I have a rule of thumb to leave each class satisfied that if my children had been taught that lesson and treated like that by their teacher I’d be happy. It’s been a fabulous week.


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