Another thing that happened today was the computing guys who I was with yesterday got to present all of their fab inventions today to industry experts and some academic folk and I went along with the team to have a look. I was super impressed (photos to follow). I already knew what the ideas were and was impressed enough by the concepts but to see the work that these guys had put in was something else.

Their product branding and promotional materials were hugely impressive. From self scrolling dynamic presentations, to fully operational websites, to business cards, leaflets, mock ups, posters, electronic posters it was all there. They really went for the multi-media approach and they did a fabulous job. It’s clear that branding and promotions is part of their course and product innovation too and that helps explain the fit between business and computing and why they are lumped into the same school/faculty.

Again this was added value placement stuff. I didn’t have to go but I did. It allowed me to show my face as part of the staff team and build relationships with students who I see around the corridors and who I might yet be called upon again to oversee in an emergency. It showed them that people are interested in what they do and are prepared to take some time out voluntarily to go and have a look at their work and the pride in that work was bursting out of the room.

What a fab bunch of young people. Working among these kids really gives you a sense of balance when all we hear is bad about young people in the media.

Even though I’m not one of their teachers and have had nothing to do with their achievements other than sitting in with them yesterday and showing some interest in what they were doing and their project meetings I’m feeling proud of them or maybe that’s more feeling proud for them.

Another piece of advice for trainee teachers or those thinking of becoming one soon, take the opportunity to attend these things even if it’s not your students involved you do get a sense of belonging as part of the organisation and get to experience some vicarious pride at the expense of one of your colleagues who brought these projects to life and it also does help to cement those relationships even if only with students you pass in the corridor and never teach.

It’s a good teaching day whatever. Back to do some more now, lunchtimes pass way too quickly.


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