Finally got my observations feedback from my mentor and I’m really pleased  with the comments and grades. For some reason I thought the delay in getting it back was indicative of it being pretty poor not that there was any reason to suggest it would be and that’s not the case and so I’m spurred on. Besides anything else I’m thinking of starting my seminar paper and it is reassuring to know that my mentor is very impressed with the use of the software I’m going to base my paper on and felt that it was really used well to assist learning and for gathering information.

I really enjoyed lessons today, it was a uni day for us PGCE-ers and it was good to get some clarity on some bits and bobs that I was not sure about.

The research topic was really useful as a recap too, especially as I’m all but signed up for a masters course next year… I just need to know for sure where we are going to be in the world before signing on the dotted line. Even though I’m doing a distance learning course with a couple of residentials and mainly online study I’m still going to need to know where I am and what other commitments I’ll have before I throw myself in wholeheartedly.

It’s been a good day. Now to get some of the easy bits of the outstanding assignments done and get my interview date booked in while dinner cooks.


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