When is Team Time Not Team Time?

When it’s teaching time!

I thought I was teaching this afternoon but evidently this class is now all mine! I’ve got them Wednesdays and all day Thursdays and I’m really pleased about that and also pleased to keep on teaching Yr2’s, I’ve got to know them so well now it would be a shame to not teach them again.

I guess that first class you teach is a really special one, one you never forget and although they’ll probably not remember me they’ll always be a little bit special to me, like a first child… maybe not. They were your guinea pig, the one who you tried and erred with the one who you welcomed criticism from. Not to mention the one who you were far more scared of than they were of you.

But the new bunch are great, spirited, engaging, enthusiastic, focused and really contributive in discussion. Definitely right about my thoughts from yesterday that discussional type teaching will be right up their street. They seem to have clear direction in most cases and that’s good to see some ambition in them.

So I’ve gone from being out in the wilderness to having my own class and a bit and to having lots of teaching hours a week, solid independent hours and that’s boosted further with the planning and the extras.

I just messaged my tutor and thanked her for helping me sort this out, it’s made a huge difference and it’s put me back on the enthusiastic track I started this course on. I really would advise anyone who is struggling with placement issues, whatever they are to talk to your tutor and get some support with it. After all we’re all paying the same fee for our course, we all deserve the same out of it for our money and although it can’t always be an identical experience (nor would I want it to be) there is an element of equity to be expected.





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