Got lots planned for today. This morning is team time so I’ll be helping out with whatever needs doing and finding out more about using the electronic systems for monitoring. No curriculum meeting this week but looking forward to that next week.

With my class I decided yesterday was a kind of casual introduction so today it’s a cool icebreaker to get to know the Yr 1 students a bit better as I’m going to be spending lots of time with them. I’ll blog about its success or otherwise later. I’ve chosen one of the ones that was my favourite when we started the PGCE so I’ll see how it goes with them.

I’ve put together a Socrative quiz to see how things managed to sink in yesterday to follow the ice breaker and get a snap shot of who was listening and who wasn’t. The year 2’s say they enjoy using Socrative so why not try it on the Yr 1’s? It’s a good tool to get an overview of who is keeping up and who is straggling.

This is all to ease them in to a heavy lesson about the political and legal impacts on the retail sector, but I’ve designed it to culminate in a debate on the pros and cons of Sunday trading with as minimal formal teaching as possible. I did it with the Yr 2’s and they enjoyed it… trial and error and all that.

This is quite a vocal, opinionated group so I’m wondering if discussional and debating type teaching is the way forward. I just have to be careful to keep them on topic and to keep the side chatter down and ensure the conversation is focused on the one person who should be speaking.

Then I’m with AAT later in the afternoon. I’m thinking of signing up for AAT 3 myself when I hit the ground next year wherever I am. I wouldn’t mind teaching it and it’s another string to my bow and after looking through the materials with the AAT teacher I reckon 3 would be a good place to start and then move on to 4. Wish I’d done it while I was studying my degree now but we live and learn.,, thank goodness.




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