New Day New Class

So today was the start of my newly arranged placement. I started off teaching the year 1 BTEC Business Level 3 group. It’s a big group, boy heavy with some interesting characters. I had a remit but I decided that this is my class now so I can be more flexible. I started by checking what they knew of the unit leading up to the section I’d been asked to start with and it turned out they knew nothing. So I decided to play it flexibly and start with an overview of the unit.

Now, this is one of the huge advantages of using Prezi to plan out your lessons, not only for the didactic sections as a more fancy Powerpoint like software, but for storing and presenting tasks, activities, games, extension work and links to Socrative in secret little hidden places.

It means that if your planned lesson runs short you have something there at your finger tips, well lots of things there if you pull up your whole Prezi library, to keep everyone engaged. It also means that you have your entire teaching for a whole unit on one Prezi.

What I do is set the scene on an opening slide with unit title, name of the course, year of study and overall objectives. Then I create a set of boxes one for each session of teaching. This then allows me to prepare lesson plans for each box (which I can also store hiding away in the box by the way so that I never have to be searching files to find it) this also allows me to update the lesson plan simply when I update the content.

This method also allows me to store links to anything I might be using such as You Tube clips or online case studies or interesting articles.  Besides this it means that because you have the entire unit within one Prezi that you can be flexible, you can stay within the realms of the unit but bring in thoughts and ideas from other areas of the unit and perhaps show something that was meant for another lesson but which becomes obviously needed now. You can also link to other units or refer back to something visually that you have covered before.

Today I realised the beauty of Prezi and my approach to using it for entire units. I digressed a bit there… not at all like me. I was able to change the plan at the press of a whiteboard and deliver an overview of the unit, covering the earlier materials which fed into the material I was supposed to cover. This made the lesson quite fast paced and enjoyable. Tomorrow I’m going to be in a better position to deliver the material intended for today and my students will be in more of a position to make head or tail of it.

It’s going to be good to have my own class, it’s what I wanted all along and what I expected so it will be good to get to grips with them and start to make even more headway.

For the second session of the day I was picking up the stragglers from Year 2 who didn’t go on the trip to the Coca Cola factory. Thank goodness I didn’t go in the end, as no stragglers turned up I got a lovely early finish and got to catch up on some of my academic work. I also got to spend some quality time in the staff room and also got to have a good natter to the other ladies in there.

I’m all lesson planned out having completed all of the plans for the remaining 3 units, even though I may not teach them all I’ve planned them anyway as I’ll teach them someday no doubt. It will be good to have a bank of Prezi’s to cover all eventualities with the Level 3, I might start on the Level 1 and 2 at some point and then think about giving AAT a shot.

Fab day, very positive and just what I needed.


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