Mission Accomplished

So today was poster presentation day and I enjoyed it, tiring and hot but worth it. Great to see what everyone had done and the innovation was oozing out of the room.

It was interesting to have so many fab discussions and to spend time chatting with members of the group which runs alongside ours.

I loved the colours and vibrancy, the hours of work which had clearly gone into things so many different takes on a theme.

I must admit being drawn to the more corporate ones, just I guess what I’m used to at these kind of events and years of conditioning takes a while to escape from.

In some ways I wish I’d opted to do a paper based one, I can be quite creative but at the same time if I’d done that I wouldn’t be able to share it on my blog would I? Not the full interactive experience, but this way I can do that and so for that reason I’m glad I did it this way. I enjoyed the other electronic presentations. It did strike me though that electronic presentations are more for a wider, remote or online audience as the paper based ones were pulling in the punters more in the small, personal environment.

Horses for courses as I always say and on top of everything I got some great feedback and more importantly knew my stuff when it came to talking about my creation. I’m not going to detract from the fact that it was digital art which took a lot of putting together.

My favourites in terms of corporate feel were the CMI presentations which is hardly surprising. I loved the brick wall, building block approach of another corporate feel poster, I LOVED the army jacket, clearly focused on the specialist subject. I really enjoyed the functional skills fabric poster, the symbolism was awesome. I loved the book and the newspaper and the simple, clean design of the sports massage poster and the clear knowledge and understanding of the theory which was demonstrated.

The arty ones were masterpieces, the giant camera was awesome and the box of sweets close to the really engaging health and social care poster and the travel and tourism map of the world (which used similar effective styles) was a real innovative choice.

They were all awesome and I had a great time looking at them all, giving my opinion and chatting about everyone’s work.Tiring, hot, a long time but ultimately rewarding as peer support, learning and sharing.

If anyone’s interested here’s mine.

BTEC Level 3 Business Curricular Influences


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