I’m a night owl, my creative juices flow between 11.30pm and 4.00am. It’s a good job I can function on 3 hour’s sleep and a 60 minute power nap from around 7-8pm. 

I’ve just put together a really fun lesson complete with real life scenario based activity, in fact that’s pretty much all there is to the lesson. I like to create activities which will be practical for use in the real world of work. I enjoyed this one, I enjoyed that it was pretty simple to differentiate and to pitch it at the various ability levels of the group I’m teaching tomorrow. I’m hoping that I got it right and that the most able will be kept busy and engaged and the less able will feel confident and equipped to learn something new.

I don’t usually teach Excel but it’s something I’ve used for years in the workplace for everything from finance to project planning to creating tables to monitoring complaint actions and compiling graphs and charts and everything in between. I’m pretty proficient, having taken a qualification not so long ago and can perform some complex functions which gladly I recalled when I was putting the lesson together.

I like a challenge and so it’s nice to do something different and also refreshing to be able to mix it with teaching an AAT recap lesson on cash flows and have a bit of refresher myself on that element of management accounting.

I like teaching this class too, very different from the others I spend time in, mainly mature students who are willing and eager to learn, apply, pass and move on to the next stage. Good humoured bunch too. Looking forward to seeing them again.

It’s nice when it all comes together.

New skill learned too – how to embed an interactive spreadsheet which is fully functional within a Powerpoint presentation. Very useful.

And so to bed!


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