Woo! Placement today was fabulous!!!!! Loved it and here’s why, my something of a prodigal son moment.

As the class was engaged in finishing off assignments for the first session and some of them had done by the start of the second session, I started off a little academic discussion, on topic (that’s not easy at times) and like a magnet it attracted others who physically moved to participate. It wasn’t glaringly obvious at first, I started off complimenting someone’sImage bag and asking where they’d bought it and from there we moved on to discuss retail, marketing, product placement, investment, in store versus online, target markets and segmentation… you name it, it was in there.

I clocked it early on, out of the corner of my eye I saw a face, popping up on an extended neck from behind her screen like a meerkat, eyes intent, ears pricked up, clearly listening and taking note. The silence indicated an interest, she didn’t want to make any noise because she wanted to listen. After a few minutes came the voice adding something to the discussion from a distance. I picked up on it, trying not to show my excitement, casually commenting that it was a really valid point and thanking her for her contribution. Finally it came, I heard it before I saw it…the shuffle of the chair as she joined us and involved herself. She contributed sensibly, maturely, enthusiastically, respectfully and intelligently. The phone had magically disappeared, the head phones had vanished and in a cloud of magic teacher dust she was transformed into one of us, engaged in learning. 

I’ve learned more than her though and it’s been a valuable lesson, one which I’m grateful for.


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