For them or us?

Well it should have been a set back but after 3 weeks of a virus which finally seems to have made its way out into a full blown wretched cold (I’m hoping this is finally the end stage now) I’ve been able to catch up on lots of reading while I’ve been languising in my pit. Thankfully I’ve kept up with teaching but I’ve missed a couple of lectures which is not good. With it being a one day a week delivery, if you miss a day you miss a lot so I’m no doubt minus lots of useful info right now but I’m hoping reading online stuff and sticking with my plan of action will see me through.

The daughter went back to uni today, final semester of her degree and it was quite refreshing to hear that she had found it really tough going with the amount of chatter that goes on during lectures making it virtually impossible to hear what the lecturer is saying. I felt sorry for her of course, but it reminded me that bad behaviour takes place in every class, regardless of where it is.. school, FE, HE and just because you’re teaching adults doesn’t mean that they are any better behaved. It was something I really struggled with on my recent degree course, sometimes I just didn’t bother going to lessons because I knew it would get on my nerves so much I wanted to avoid the stress of it all.

It’s so off putting for some people and I asked if the lecturer did anything to address the problem and she said “no, it was as if she was oblivious to it”. I wonder if as teachers we do just become immune eventually, or if challenging it becomes too much bother and I wonder if we forget how frustrating it is to have little conversations going on all around us when we’re trying to focus on what’s being taught. I hope I never forget because I hate that rudeness as much now as I did when I was a kid.

I wonder though do we as teachers focus more on getting the level of attention and quietness to that which enables us to deliver or that which enables the learners to learn? They are two different things and I might be able to stand at the front of a class and teach without someone’s chattering bothering me too much but what about the poor souls sitting next to them trying to learn?


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