At last, I got to teach again properly and have my first tutor observation. My melt down was a good thing as it means I played it all very tacticly today.

I lesson planned and prepared activites for the whole element of the unit, I stuck to what I’d been asked to do and then suggested that I take the rest of the class after my observation as I had things planned and would welcome the opportunity.

After my observed session I got some fabulous feedback and was given the greenlight to take the rest of the session and my mentor left me to it. What fun we had! I followed some prescribed manual stuff but also mixed in my own take on tasks and the students lapped it up.

First session was more structured and felt more like traditional teach whereas the second session could have been further removed from that. Less structure, more creative and interactive, more flexible and responsive to what the students wanted.

I noticed a distinct change in the relationship between me and my mentor and I really think he just didn’t believe I was any good at teaching before he’d even see me try and now he has he’s realised how useful  an asset I could be.

Lots of Schon inaction reflection going on today – action points are:

  • check information on lesson plan when copying and pasting into someone else’s
  • when I draw someone difficult to engage in, be careful not to cut them off and draw them in further
  • use the room more ie walk around more

Happy at last! Back on the roller coaster ride that is teacher training.




2 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. I am glad you are finding reasons why you want to teach. I admit, I have walked into the class feeling a bit fatigued and under the weather: but, so far, I have had the capacity to put my negative feelings aside and play the positive role model. As you well know, it is important that the students get the best of you. It is not fair on them if I drag my baggage into the class. It’s all about switching on the teaching persona. My interest of English Literature motivates and enthuses me. I hope you can continue to be inspired and happy in the classroom.


    • Thank you Mike. I love teaching, the lack of opportunity was one of the key factors in causing me to feel deflated about teaching as a career choice, I wasn’t getting to do any teaching and so there was no high of the practice to counter all the negativity in everything else. Now the balance is restored and I can focus on the fact that I love to teach again. I guess if you’re just getting theory and no practical there is a danger of becoming disillusioned with anything and I’ve certainly felt it now.

      Onwards and upwards! 🙂


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