Placement Reflection

Well today was an improvement, if you disregard the streaming eyes and nose that suddenly attacked me as I walked into the staff room. Not sure if it was a colleague’s curry or not but something definitely did not agree with me. It led to a few jokes about tears before teaching the class being unusual and thankfully cleared up quickly.

So after last week’s wobble I took the bull by the horns and have arranged for some more sessions, I was getting worried about meeting my obligations in terms of teaching but now I have been kindly offered an AAT class to teach on Thursday evenings which I will love. I taught the class before and it’s mostly adult learners, very eager and willing to learn. So that’s something to look forward to.

Also I am going to start next week with year 1 Business students and I have my teaching still to come with my current group so it’s all looking much better now and I’m feeling more confident. It’s going to give me a wider range of experience too and that can only be good.

In the session we looked at sustainability and the supply chain, we specifically looked at Ikea and after a brief teaching session the students broke into small groups to work on three tasks based on Ikea’s sustainability practices within its supply chain.

I felt that as I was observing, that’s just what I would do. All I’ll say here was that it was an education.


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