Achieving Your Goals

If you’re the sort of person who has difficulty focusing on identifiying, working towards or meeting goals then this blog is perhaps a good one for you to follow: It’s written by motivational expert Dr Heidi Grant Halvorson (HGH).

If you start by reading this HBR article entitled “The 9 things successful people do differently” and then go to HGH’s blog and you’ll see across her pages at the top is one marked “9 Things Assessment”. This helps you to identify your own attitudes and where you might need some help to develop yourself towards better achieving your goals. Those goals can be related to your study, teaching, career progression or even things like stopping smoking. Each of the 9 areas has a tab on the left side of the page and then a short self-assessment questionnaire which grades you in terms of your ability in each area and gives you pointers to improve.

At the very least if you struggle to focus at times the HBR article is worth a read as it contains some great pointers which will help.

I also love HGH’s thoughts on ritualisation and how that can help us to focus and achieve,  this recent post “Rituals Make Us Value Things More” is really interesting and can be found here Not only may this help with our own development but also may help us to understand how our learners learn and absorb information and how they may learn to value their learning through ritualisation.

Here’s another really good HBR blog with links to HGH’s posts and more

If you use WordPress and want to follow HGH’s blog you have to go a different way about it to usual as she uses Blogger so what you have to do is go to your blue home screen of wordpress, click on Reader at the top and then on the right panel select Blogs I Follow EDIT, after clicking on the Edit button you will open a menu and in the space at the top of the screen simply copy and paste the blog URL which for HGH’s blog is this: Now you should find that posts appear in your reader as they do for other blogs which you follow.


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