Snow Stories

So excited that I could make it snow on my blog. Can’t stop looking at it.

So cold here at trainee teacher towers today it feels like snow should be on the ground but as yet not so much of a warning of the stuff.

I remember being a kid at school and how excited we all used to get with our old, noisy, coal fired heating systems banging and bubbling but doing the job of keeping us warm, looking out at giant flakes starting to settle on the school yard or the playing fields and getting so excited.

“Will we be allowed to go home early?” “Will it keep snowing and get really deep?” “Will we be snowballed half to death on the way home?” “Will we be allowed to have lunch break on the field so that we could build snowmen?” Such fun times.untitled

I remember one day I was running slightly late taking my son to nursery school and it had been snowing all night and morning, the school field was knee deep pristine snow and I couldn’t resist. We both ran into it and were throwing it at each other, making snow angels, spelling things out in it with our feet. Finally we arrived at his classroom, red faced, freezing and sopping wet. Him up to the waist. I quickly changed him into his spare clothes that hung on a bag on his peg, clean pants and sweat pants, clean socks and dry plimsolls, fresh tee shirt and jumper. We stepped into the classroom to be told we were so late it was time to leave. Whoops!! We’d clearly spent far longer than planned playing in the snow. I was probably frowned upon by the teacher for being so carefree and not getting my son to school on time but we had such a fun time that day, he still remembers it now so in the whole scheme of things it was well worth  missing a two and a half hour nursery session for.

Bad parent, today I’d probably be fined and get a visit from educational welfare.


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