I had my tutorial session today, an end of module kind of round up in a one to one format with my tutor. It was really useful to cement the tutor/learner bond and to discuss progress so far. I also got feedback on my first half of my first assignment and was delighted with my grade. We sat and looked through my ILP (individual learning plan) and agreed some objectives and discussed progress against existing ones. 

It was an all round useful session, it felt like it wound up the first part of the course, gave me some pointers for the second part of the assessment (I’d finished it but now I can revisit it before submission and add a couple of extra points) and set me up for the next part of the course. Most importantly it assured me I was on the right track, that I’m doing well at this teaching thing (so far) and that I’ve made some good decisions (always good to know).

We talked a bit about blogging and how it’s a shame all learners on the course haven’t started theirs or shared them yet and how already I’m getting so much out of doing mine. We should eventually have had a good little network established and that would be really useful. Then I would say that,  I love blogging, I’ve been doing it for some time and have experienced the benefits. I think that’s the thing with blogging, you have to put something in and it can be time consuming and you might think your posts are pointless at times but it’s the return that makes it worth it, knowing someone found something you said useful or comment worthy, inspirational or interesting enough to read makes it worthwhile. I love that through blogging you can connect with people miles away in other countries and find out that after all we’re not that different, the same issues affect us here in the UK as affect people in the USA, in Australia and so on. With blogging it’s not what you put in but what you get out that makes it worth the effort.



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