Help With Grammar

I was reading an article written by another blogger earlier and meant to repress it here but then found I’d been sidetracked and had moved on to other blogs and other posts and now can’t find it. Anyway the blogger had recommended some software Grammarly as  a means of checking the grammar in your writing. EDIT: it was Greg, check out his blog

It’s on a free trial and after that a fee applies but it looks pretty good especially if you are into writing in a really serious way and want it to be content which would make it onto the blog sites of newspapers, magazine, journals and the like as opposed to less formal writing like this.

One word of warning, the trial I did was pretty accurate although it was based on American grammar which can differ slightly in some of its rules from English grammar  and of course spelling although there may be an option to change that once you sign up properly. My trial also accused me of plagarism and it really was all my own work that I checked so I’d be wary of that.

Here’s a link though, it might be something to recommend to older students too:

What I like about it is that it explains why what you’ve written is not correct which allows for learning to take place rather than just correcting you.


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