ICT and Teaching

Top 100 Tools for Learning

Had a great session yesterday on learning theories and using ICT in teaching.

We were directed to a list of the top 100 IT tools for teaching and learning (click link at top of this post) and put into five groups of three to go off and research a couple of things on the list. We had to present back to the group with:

  • a description
  • where it might be useful and why
  • what might be the pitfalls

It was very interesting, not only digging around looking at the ones we migrated to which were mostly curative software but listening to what everyone else had found.

The list is well worth a look at and I was up until the small hours last night trying out some of the others on it. I’ve found one in particular that I think will be really useful with my group of learners  and I can see many uses for it which I am currently planning. This is shrouded in secrecy at the moment (love suspense) because I think it is what I will be using for my conference presentation next year.

I’ve been testing it out on my kids and they both love it which is always a good sign. One of the benefits of being  a mature PGCE student is that you might have your own in house focus group to put into action when trying something new and that has to be a bonus.

I’m on placement tomorrow and discussing ways of teaching the retail unit next semester so I’m spending tonight figuring out where to use this IT to its fullest potential within lessons. I have an idea for using it in every lesson in one way but think I could use it in other ways within specific lessons too.

In other news…

I had a great meeting with my mentor yesterday and ironed some things out and worked on a forward plan for next semester which will see my teaching hours increasing and my teaching BTEC Business Level 3 year 1 students too so I’m looking forward to that.

Essay draft deadline came and went and stupidly I forgot to pick up my day file (where I keep the relevant bits and bobs for that day’s lessons, teaching etc) and so didn’t get to hand in on time and then got sidetracked by domestic trauma and forgot to email it through so feedback will be less detailed and delivered as part of my tutorial in a couple of weeks time.

ILP uploading can happen now with successful access to the ebridge system having finally been achieved and so that should prompt me to make sure it is fully up to date.

We had the last taught session of the semester and so talk turned to arranging a social event, I wasn’t able to attend the last one so hopefully this time I’ll be there.

So yeah, a good day, placement tomorrow and from tomorrow I’m going to blog in depth about my placement experiences so I’ll definitely be back soon.


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