Classroom Behaviour

I’ve found a number of interesting articles and resources on classroom management and behaviour so thought I’d share some of my favourites:

Fun item from TES could also apply to older learners: What_you_should_never_say_to_children This next one kind of links into it: Common_mistakes_teachers_make_by_Tom_Bennett

As a bit of a humanist I found this interesting and challenging of my personal views in some respects:

This is interesting for FE/HE teachers: (if this link doesn’t work try looking for an academic paper by Catherine Deering entitled Managing Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom

This is interesting and a quick read: Adult learners

Top ten tips here:

I loved this little article for trainee teachers on Classroom Presence: you might have to subscribe to TES to read this but then you should be subscribed anyway, fab resources, tons of info on teaching and education policy and job search advice PLUS vacancies

This is one of those ‘sign up and get free stuff and if we don’t hear from you in a month we’ll charge you but keep your free gift’ things, it looked good, so I got it and it is really useful, just don’t forget to unsubscribe if you don’t want to continue paying the relatively modest monthly charge

The TES behaviour forum: really useful read for tips on general and specific issues regarding classroom management

Check out the gallery over there >>> for some fun classroom management images and this poster might be useful too.

Classroom Management Mantra


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