Useful links

I’ve been engrossed in essay writing and research the past few days and thought I’d share some useful online reading spots. Probably most useful to people working in FE but there are some which are just interesting or which overlap into schools and HE too. I was going to lay them out in some pretty manner but decided that can wait, I just wanted to close the million tabs I have had open for the past few days: – QDP a survey and feedback service for education. Certainly FE relevant. – LEPs (Local enterprise partnerships) worth knowing about and checking out your local one and how the establishment/s you work for might fit into it– Hefc (The Higher Education Funding Council) which has copies of NSS (National Student Survey) results – Ofsted, specific link to the handbook for inspection of FE – Government policies on improving the quality of FE and skills training – The FE Education and Training Act 2007 – a bit retro but how the Equality Act 2010 affects FE and skills sector by the LSIS (Learning and Skills Improvement Service) which ceased to exist in July 2013 – AOC (Association of Colleges) – links to blog, conference news and lots of useful information – The Excellence Gateway – worth having a nose around their site would highly recommend it – another retro document called Realising The Potential from 2005, worth a read and good to draw comparisons on for measuring progress or gaining a historical perspective – the GIFHE site a must browse for anyone teaching within this college. Interesting item on Fox’s Biscuits here for those interested in skills for work, employability – Open University paper on Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning. Interesting read from 2010 – interesting Journal of Education paper on using technology in life long learning – Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning portal via Open University, needs a subscription but very useful and quick to do and best of all it’s FREE! – CRLL (Centre for Resaerch in Lifelong Learning) another useful site – government article on increasing compulsory participation age – Department for Education link to the Education Act 2011 – AQA’s take on increasing participation age – CAPITA conferences click on Education, Employment and Skills or any other that take your fancy – The Education and Skills Act 2008 – retro paper on raising participation and government proposals to assist local areas with implementation 2009 from the DCSF (Department for Children Schools and Families) No longer in existence but go to the next link for its successor – Department for Education website, really useful – TES FE Podcasts – really up to the minute thinking – Government pages on FE, really, really useful. – Functional Skills for FE – Professionalism in FE – New Challenges New Chances Review for FE provision – FE News website, really interesting and useful – Interesting information particularly this one on IT infrastructure spending – Easy read briefing on FE funding

I’ve been busy job searching too so have some useful info I’ve discovered from that which I’ll blog at some point


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