BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 13: Recruitment and Selection Resource Share

This Prezi:  Recruitment and Selection Prezi was designed to take a whole day to deliver (9am to 3.45pm) with breaks. The session was split into three chunks. The first session was a recap up to the point of the CV Element.

The second session was an hour long Powerpoint delivery by a fellow PGCE student as well as an exercise on CV’s and Cover Letters.

After this I delivered an hour long session on the Interview Process, delivering the remainder of the Prezi and ending with recording mock interviews, watching them back and peer reviewing.

Point of Note:

The colour by numbers task was very basic and put together at the request of one of the students who said she liked to colour things in, some of the others agreed and so this task was created. It had a number of interesting and unanticipated outcomes, one was that everyone engaged fully with the task, the second was that students took their completed work home and later said they’d used it to help with assignments and the third was that the students realised that if it was possible learning would be flexibly designed to suit their needs and styles of learning. In that sense it was a useful classroom management task, an effective relationship building tool as well as a learning opportunity and although it was initially felt to be very basic it allowed higher level discussion and analysis. All in all a very simple, but very useful task.

Lesson learned: less can sometimes be more


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