Teaching Retailing! So Excited.

On placement today I also got a chance to arrange a meeting with my mentor. It’s amazing how fast this semester has passed and how meetings take a back seat. We’ve had lots of less formal contact but now seems as good a time as any to start planning for next semester.

I guess the thing is that meetings become another job on the ever expanding list of jobs. I try to bother my mentors as little as possible, they seem stretched enough as it is. I understand why we’re told to try to sort our own issues out in the beginning.

Anyway, it was exciting to find out that although my favourite topic of Economics is no longer going to run as a unit next year 😦 in its place will be Unit 29 Understanding Retailing.

Click here for the brief anyone else who is teaching BTEC Business Level 3: Unit 29 Understanding Retailing Issue 2

I’m excited for a couple of reasons – retail is something that we all do, experience and have opinions on, it’s arguably where business really comes into our lives and where we interact the most openly with it. For this reason I think it will be pretty easy to find activities which learners can relate to and identify with, not to mention some of the concepts and theory being more obvious due to their own experiences. I’m expecting lots of discussion and opinion sharing with this one… something my class are really good at anyway. So I’m anticipating their enjoyment of this… we’re potentially talking riveted teenagers here, unable to miss a class, requiring prizing from their seats to get them out at the end of lessons, gushing with contributions and enthusiasm, fighting off urges to start their assignments early.  OK so sarcasm aside it could happen… it’s up to me to try to make it happen right?

Another reason I’m excited is because there are elements of economics (supply and demand, government interventions etc) which are covered in the fourth key area of this topic so economics is not all lost.

Finally the reason I’m excited is because I get to take ownership of delivering this fourth area. I’ll be involved in the development of the scheme of work, will be independently lesson planning and delivering, setting assignments and assessments and grading. This is what I have been craving; a chance to take something and run with it from start to end.

Anyone who reads this who has delivered this unit and has any tips… I’m all ears and I will be posting my progress and materials here in the coming months.



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